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Chaotic life in the desert with 3 kids, a husband and celiac disease. It's exhausting and I wouldn't change it.

Deja Vu May 28, 2009

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Yesterday was almost completely a repeat of the day before.  We had to leave the house early to drop off one of our cars to be serviced.  Ron left earlier than me and the kids so I was left with the dreaded task of getting everyone ready and out the door.  I made breakfast as usual and as usual the kids wouldn’t eat it.  Rori had maybe one bite and it was only because she was trying to scrape the brown sugar off the top of her hot cereal.  Justus who usually loves the stuff had 2 teeny bites and Sage maybe had a third of a very small bowl.  Apparently they are all living on air.  As I am sitting there at the table trying to convince the kids to eat so that we can avoid the “I’m hungry” 30 seconds after we leave the house, Kiya pokes her head in the dog door in the kitchen.  She didn’t even come in and I could smell orange blossoms (aka horse crap – see previous post) again.  I screamed at her to get out and then sent Sage to find the door that will keep her locked out.  While I am trying to get this door on I think I hear water running.  Water running?  There’s no water running.  And the light comes on.  I go running to the bathroom to find Justus standing at the toilet splashing away happily.  He’s soaking wet as is the bathroom.  Again.  So now I am scrubbing him down, again, and the girls are whining to get into the car.  I tell them “fine, go get in the car I will be there in a minute”.  I set Justus down and closed the bathroom door.  I go to the kitchen to gather the 100 things that will be required by all of the kids before I get to the end of the driveway.  As I am doing that I hear Rori shrieking “husus honan in hag.”  The girls left the garage door open and Justus had crawled out through the filthy garage and was already out on the pad waiting for our resident coyote to come for his meal.  So, back into the house to scrub him down,  again, while the girls wailed in impatience.  As I pulled out of the garage I see Kiya, with so much dung on her it looked like she had taken a mud bath.  She’s an outdoor dog now.


As If That Wasn’t Enough May 26, 2009

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I just killed the second scorpion in less than a week. This one was in the kids play room where they had just been playing. This will never stop freaking me out.

Additionally, I have a second bathroom to clean. We caught Justus playing in an unflushed toilet this morning. Fortunately it was just pee but the bathroom and the kid were covered as was the ball that was at the bottom of the toilet. The kid has been scrubbed and now I am off to scrub the bathrooms. Man! I sure wish I was at “work” today.


A Dog to Horse Crap is Like a Fly to Shit

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Why on earth do dogs love to roll in horse crap?  This is so disgusting.  Within a few minutes of being awake this morning our dog, Kiya, goes outside only to return in a few minutes reeking of horse crap.  I have to admit though that when she first came in I thought she smelled like orange blossoms.  I wasn’t really awake yet, clearly, because we live in the middle of the desert where there are no orange trees and it isn’t even the right time of year.  Sage soon starts shrieking “Kiya smells like horse poop!”  Well, CRAP! (literally) she was right.  The dog HATES bathes and is 50 +lbs which is nearly half my body weight.  So getting her into the tub was a real fight.  This of course happened right after my shower.  Now me and my bathroom smell like a horse barn.  What a great start to the day!!


Birthday Parties and Bedtimes May 25, 2009

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What an exhausting weekend.  I have been running since getting home from our first sleepover party.  (see previous post)  You would think that with the kids being so overtired that they would go to sleep easily.  Ummm, NO.  Never.  Same stall tactics every night.  There are 2 times of the day that I am typically not at my best.  First thing in the morning before my coffee.  I can’t stand the 57 requests being made of me all before I am ever really awake.  I really need to make myself get up earlier so that I can have some time to myself in the morning.  It makes all the difference.  The other time of the day that I don’t always shine, bed time.  I feel like I get so run down by the same crap over and over every night.  They are tired and it is obvious to everyone but them.  Is it like this for everyone else?  On TV it is always portrayed as this sweet time of reading a book and a kiss goodnight and then the kids just go to sleep before you even close their door.  This is about as accurate as the TV version of labor and delivery, which is also just laughable.  I can enjoy it at times but it takes a lot of self talk to take notice and appreciate all the little things.  But tonight I am exhausted so I just wanted them to go to sleep.  It has been a really busy weekend.  Ron works most weekends and typically when he is working me and the kids just stay home.  It is just so much easier that way.  I think that the most stress inducing thing for me is the whole production of getting the kids out of the house.  The kids are now 4 1/2, 2 1/2, and 1.  To get us all out of the house with every one clean and dressed and have everything with us takes me a couple of hours.  I just hate it.  I have to need to get out pretty badly for me to attempt this feat.  And usually by the time I accomplish this I am in a mood.  Last weekend I did the whole production to go to the gym.  I hate going to the gym but am feeling guilty about not going so I talked myself into it.  As usual it took forever to get ready.  Justus squirmed and cried for most of the 40 minute drive there.  The girls slept for the last 10 minutes.  I pulled into the parking lot, woke 3 kids up, got 3 kids out of their car seats, got all our stuff and locked up the car.  As we are walking towards the door I look down at Rori to find that she has had an accident despite the fact that I had her pee right before we left.  4 letter words raged through my head.  Not angry with her but supremely irritated with the situation.  I of course did not have a change of clothes with us.  SO back into the car, buckle up times 4 and another round of crying and irritation for another 40 minute drive home.  All the way home I was vowing to never leave the house alone with 3 kids again!  Despite that,  this weekend we left the house 2 days in a row.  Well, 3 if you count the sleepover.  On Saturday we went to a birthday party.  I have been pretty lucky to have avoided any of these large parties until now.  When the invite came in the mail, the girls saw it.  Me, never one to be able to come up with a fib quickly told them about the party.  Well then the excitement started and the count down was on.  I so badly wanted them to misbehave so I could say “we’re not going to the party because of xyz.”  They must have sensed it.  They didn’t do anything that would have warranted that kind of punishment.  So we went.  It took all morning to get ready.  Not only did I have to get all 4 of us ready and fed twice before we left, I needed to do some laundry and get dinner in the crock pot so there was something ready for when we got home and then lastly I had to make cupcakes and frost them so that the kids would have something to eat that was gluten free when everyone else was having birthday cake.  I was pooped before we ever even left the house.  As it turned out I was really glad we went.  All 3 kids had a great time.  Considering none of them had every been around that many kids before, they socialized really well.  (Which is more than I can say for myself.  I just don’t do well in large groups of people that I don’t know.  I can’t come up with anything to say if my life depended on it.  I am a social retard.)  Unfortunately now, my girls are ruined.  Now they know what a real birthday party is.  Despite having had 7 birthdays for our kids we had managed to have them think that a couple presents, a cake and a song is a birthday party.  And they were happy with that.  I guess I should be happy to have gone through 7 birthdays  with that little effort.  Come this September I suspect that they will be asking for the giant Dora jumping inflatable thing, arts and crafts, a million kids and their families, munchies etc etc etc.  Thanks Nicole!  I owe you one!!


First Sleepover Party

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We just got home from our first sleepover party this afternoon.  I am not sure who is more tired, me or the kids.  Justus partied so hard he puked.  I have no idea what this was about.  He has never puked before, ever.   Rori nearly needed to be sedated last night since she was still going strong at 11pm.  Sage was all excited to sleep with her friend but then bailed and slept with me.  We went to our friends place who live in timbucktoo, aka Gilbert, which is a good hour plus drive.  My friend was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Actually she was one person that Ron and I had not “diagnosed” ourselves.  She is on that horribly steep learning curve trying to learn the diet and is coping with her own grief from the loss of all things normal.  We can relate.  And admittedly she is doing a lot better than we did.  Thanks to us for nagging about our needs during get togethers she understands the whole cross contamination issues.   Anyway, I am so happy to be home.  The house seems to somehow  have gotten dirtier in our absence.  I now finally understand why my mom used to be so militant about cleaning the house before we went on any vacation.  Now Ron thinks I am insane cause I usually do the same thing.


Welcome to My Chaotic Life May 22, 2009

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Justus Entertaining Himself

Justus Entertaining Himself

I  am starting this new blog so that recipes from my other site can be separate.   While I figure out how to use wordpress I will start with posting some newer pics.

What is it about kids and water?  I think we need a pool.  What do you think?

Justus had his first birthday last week.  He loved to mash his cake and smear it everywhere but actually ate only a bite or two.