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Chaotic life in the desert with 3 kids, a husband and celiac disease. It's exhausting and I wouldn't change it.

First Sleepover Party May 25, 2009

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We just got home from our first sleepover party this afternoon.  I am not sure who is more tired, me or the kids.  Justus partied so hard he puked.  I have no idea what this was about.  He has never puked before, ever.   Rori nearly needed to be sedated last night since she was still going strong at 11pm.  Sage was all excited to sleep with her friend but then bailed and slept with me.  We went to our friends place who live in timbucktoo, aka Gilbert, which is a good hour plus drive.  My friend was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Actually she was one person that Ron and I had not “diagnosed” ourselves.  She is on that horribly steep learning curve trying to learn the diet and is coping with her own grief from the loss of all things normal.  We can relate.  And admittedly she is doing a lot better than we did.  Thanks to us for nagging about our needs during get togethers she understands the whole cross contamination issues.   Anyway, I am so happy to be home.  The house seems to somehow  have gotten dirtier in our absence.  I now finally understand why my mom used to be so militant about cleaning the house before we went on any vacation.  Now Ron thinks I am insane cause I usually do the same thing.


5 Responses to “First Sleepover Party”

  1. Dani Says:

    I know, mom had to remind me about that one time when I mentioned I had to clean the house before we went out of town. My concern is more because I am afraid someone will stop by while we are away and see my mess!

    • embracingthechaos Says:

      I don’t have to worry about that. But don’t you find the mess really does seem to grow?

  2. Sharon Says:

    O.K. girls, it is obvious you did pay heed to some of the “Points?” of life.


  3. Stephanie Says:

    Your words about me were too kind! And you never nagged me in my pre-celiac days about cross contamination. You were always nice about educating me about your families health issues and needs when you came over 🙂

    • embracingthechaos Says:

      “educating me about your families health issues…” aka nagging. And we knew you thought we were crazy. Now only Roy thinks we are crazy and now you are lumped in with us on that issue.

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