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Chaotic life in the desert with 3 kids, a husband and celiac disease. It's exhausting and I wouldn't change it.

As If That Wasn’t Enough May 26, 2009

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I just killed the second scorpion in less than a week. This one was in the kids play room where they had just been playing. This will never stop freaking me out.

Additionally, I have a second bathroom to clean. We caught Justus playing in an unflushed toilet this morning. Fortunately it was just pee but the bathroom and the kid were covered as was the ball that was at the bottom of the toilet. The kid has been scrubbed and now I am off to scrub the bathrooms. Man! I sure wish I was at “work” today.


2 Responses to “As If That Wasn’t Enough”

  1. Sunderland Family Says:

    Oh, Kim! We love your blogs, we really do. As soon as you update them one of us reads it first, laughs hysterically, and then calls the other person to come read it. Usually when we talk to Cathy later that day or week, we tell her to read it. So thanks for the frequent comedic relief! And what fun records your keeping for your own children to read later.

    • embracingthechaos Says:

      Thanks for reading. I always write assuming that no one is going to read it, well no one besides my mom anyway. And thanks too for leaving a comment.

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