Embracing The Chaos…or trying to

Chaotic life in the desert with 3 kids, a husband and celiac disease. It's exhausting and I wouldn't change it.

Deja Vu May 28, 2009

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Yesterday was almost completely a repeat of the day before.  We had to leave the house early to drop off one of our cars to be serviced.  Ron left earlier than me and the kids so I was left with the dreaded task of getting everyone ready and out the door.  I made breakfast as usual and as usual the kids wouldn’t eat it.  Rori had maybe one bite and it was only because she was trying to scrape the brown sugar off the top of her hot cereal.  Justus who usually loves the stuff had 2 teeny bites and Sage maybe had a third of a very small bowl.  Apparently they are all living on air.  As I am sitting there at the table trying to convince the kids to eat so that we can avoid the “I’m hungry” 30 seconds after we leave the house, Kiya pokes her head in the dog door in the kitchen.  She didn’t even come in and I could smell orange blossoms (aka horse crap – see previous post) again.  I screamed at her to get out and then sent Sage to find the door that will keep her locked out.  While I am trying to get this door on I think I hear water running.  Water running?  There’s no water running.  And the light comes on.  I go running to the bathroom to find Justus standing at the toilet splashing away happily.  He’s soaking wet as is the bathroom.  Again.  So now I am scrubbing him down, again, and the girls are whining to get into the car.  I tell them “fine, go get in the car I will be there in a minute”.  I set Justus down and closed the bathroom door.  I go to the kitchen to gather the 100 things that will be required by all of the kids before I get to the end of the driveway.  As I am doing that I hear Rori shrieking “husus honan in hag.”  The girls left the garage door open and Justus had crawled out through the filthy garage and was already out on the pad waiting for our resident coyote to come for his meal.  So, back into the house to scrub him down,  again, while the girls wailed in impatience.  As I pulled out of the garage I see Kiya, with so much dung on her it looked like she had taken a mud bath.  She’s an outdoor dog now.


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