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Chaotic life in the desert with 3 kids, a husband and celiac disease. It's exhausting and I wouldn't change it.

They Can’t Be Mine June 12, 2009

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005007Ron got a little extra help yesterday while building a new fire pit.  The girls loved playing in the mud and never hesitated for a minute.  Neither did Justus.  Justus seemed pretty convinced that it was something that he should eat.  Good for the immune system, right?  Then there’s me who can’t stand to get dirty, at all.  I have to do all my gardening with gloves on otherwise I spend more time running inside to wash my hands than I do in the garden.  Once again, the kids are more like Ron than me.  And once again I am thinking that if I hadn’t seen them come out of me I would think they are someone else’s kids.


2 Responses to “They Can’t Be Mine”

  1. Dani Says:

    At least you were smart enough to get their clothes off. Tay did the same thing and I am pretty sure that outfit is toast. I soaked it and washed it, but I have doubts it will come clean.

    • embracingthechaos Says:

      It wasn’t even me that thought of that. It was Ron. I was a little horrified that they were out there naked even though nobody would see them.

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