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Chaotic life in the desert with 3 kids, a husband and celiac disease. It's exhausting and I wouldn't change it.

Genius Birthday Idea June 24, 2009

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Sage’s birthday is coming up in September.  She is already planning.  Every time she watches Qubo (TV station that has infomercials instead of regular commercials) she adds another request to her long, growing list of desired birthday gifts.  It’s kind of funny to listen to her.  Sage: “Mom I want THAT!”  Me:  “What is it?”  Sage: “It is the Miracle Hanger!”  and then she proceeds to recite all the reasons that this is the best thing that she has ever seen.  She sounds like a mini infomercial.  They learn so quick.  But today, she had a great idea for a birthday present.  “Mom I know what I want for my birthday.  Only 2 things.  #1 lip gloss, and #2 a real bank machine so that we can get as much money as we want anytime we want.”  Genius!


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